A Beginning With No End In Sight

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I love to write. It’s cathartic. Its purposeful. It helps me get my shit together. It creates concentric circles of information and resources for my people. If you don’t know me, my writing could help you get to know how I work and what motivates me. I haven’t yet decided on what exactly I’ll write about or why. I am still working that out, but I told myself I would post today, and commitment and goal setting is not only incredibly important to me, it is one of the main supports I offer my clients.

I was working with a client this weekend, and she was getting very caught up in the end result. So much so, she couldn’t start. After highlighting this tendency, and with awareness around the true resistance but also, the true motivation and purpose for starting, it becomes a simple choice to proceed.

I just read an article about Amazon HQ and Queens, LIC NY. Some people are happy about it, some are not. My initial thoughts are varied, even, contradictory: the only constant is change, people must surrender to change and seek out an opportunity; our economy and capitalism as a whole favors conglomerate corporations and continually shuts out the “little (wo)man”; small business is the only thing that keeps this world interesting and adventurous; is there a right or wrong, or is this simply “progress?” Do my opinions even matter? With these thoughts came the question, maybe I should write about this?

At the end of the day, I don’t want to write about politics, but this article did get me thinking, and ultimately writing. I don’t know what my voice will be or how my stories will take shape. I do know I can’t keep making excuses, I just need to start writing.

I do know what I don’t want, and that can actually be a powerful way to start! The opposite provides strong clarification. I don’t want to write about politics or the economy, but I do want to stick to my commitments to myself, and ultimately trust myself to stand by my principles, one of which is lead by example, another of which is walk the walk.

It’s OK if you don’t know exactly what the end result will look like. Sometimes, you just have to start.

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