Updated: May 13

This blog was inspired by my newest client. They kept referring to a “Real Business,” and whatever that is supposed to mean. I am not going to argue or play around with the common definition of business. That’s boring.

I am going to challenge you to draft your own definition, so at the very least, you know what business means to you. I usually challenge people to do this with success, money, productivity, even time. Sure, these words have general meanings, but until we craft our own, we tend to be living up to someone else's or some construct’s expectation. Is business your day to day mode of operandi?

Is business a thing you built to collect money, in exchange for a product or service or idea?

Is business the way you think and approach your work and life?

When you get down to business, do you mean to get serious or focused?

What is happening when you're doing the business (smirk, don’t answer that). Surprise surprise, the same word means different things, in varying contexts, and to different people. So, what does business mean to you?

What does your business need to do for you to take it seriously?

As seriously as your family?

Or your health?

Business means what you want it to. What makes it real, or successful, or impactful, is also entirely up to you.

Choose your business wisely.

Because when we own our own business, it is personal


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