Honestly, I was trying to pick a word that described my topic in an expansive way. Thus far, these musings have been light and exploratory in nature, but touching on topics that allow for growth, as opposed to contraction. Problems, annoyance, frustration, all sound pretty contrary. These terms physically contract us. We tense up. We mentally contract. We think small. We go binary in terms of choices, right or wrong, winning or losing. We emotionally contract. We get fearful. Anytime we feel this tension in our experience, we can contract. Or we can expand. How do you actively pursue uncomfort and stay open to the experience? Through challenge. If you can accept that some experiences are innately tense, uncomfortable, even painful, you allow this experience to expand you. By purposefully choosing this growth, this resistance, and saying YES, you flip the contraction into expansion. It’s like moving away from the center of a spiral. As you’re rounding the corner you can’t see what;s ahead, but from any angle you are moving in expansion. Without knowing where you’re what’s next, without seeing where you’re going, and without understanding how you’ll get there you can choose to contract. Or you can choose to keep expanding. Keep exploring. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Take every uncomfortable moment and ask what can be gained? What are you willing to try? What if you don’t have to know the outcome? How can you grow, especially if expectations are being met? When we choose to embrace the tension, the unknown, and the uncertainty, we expand effortlessly. Every problem becomes a challenge. Every challenge offers expansion.


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