Updated: May 13

"The secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage."

- Thucydides

Freedom has always been my driver. I need to be able to do what I want when I want. When I distill what freedom means, it is a choice.

The belief or suggestion that, this is my choice.

And my friend, we always have a choice. Life, death, and taxes. I am aware. But some could argue we even choose those experiences, but this is not a theological essay.

This is my musing on why choice is so important.

The way we experience the world is based on a choice. We create this reality we're experiencing, again, this isn’t theology, so go with me on this tangent.

We choose our thoughts. Our feelings are reactionary. But it's not until we label that physical or emotional feeling with a thought, that our thought constrains our reality to a positive or negative.

With the clarity of vision comes a desire. A goal. Perceived results. When we combine the necessary thoughts with the appropriate feelings, multiply that coefficient with effective action, the results are invariably impactful. (Thought + Feeling)*Action = Result

If we feel challenged, we chose to think about the force needed to get through and the fear we feel. We may even frame the activity as a "have to," and we rush to complete it. Sure, it gets done but the results are subpar.

If we feel challenged, but we decide this is how we grow, and like strength training, we choose to get stronger maybe feeling pride and bravery, a similar physical sensation, but a completely opposite reaction, every step forward becomes one of focus and resolve. Patience and persistence.

The result is sustainable, incrementally improved, and rewarding.

We can choose. In any situation. We can decide upon what we want. Then we can ask ourselves, “what do I need to feel in order to take this on?” “What thoughts will guarantee success.”

Choose to get what you want.


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