Many identify as givers. Caretakers. Lovers, Creators. We are parts of families, communities, professional networks, and community organizations. We pay to be members, we galvanize our tribe, we nurture our kinspeople. This need, this motivation, this connection is born in compassion. Our heart leads us towards gathering, communing and sharing. Sometimes our mind tries to rationalize, compartmentalize, even limit out efforts, but compassion can not be contained. There are even those who give their lives to service, be it a parent or professional, they have dedicated their life’s purpose to serving others. When we can start with compassion for ourselves, this potential is limitless. Often those who love to give, who truly shine when supporting their people, they forget that if they don’t have compassion and serve themselves first, they will run out of fuel. Compassion means accepting all, empathizing with the full spectrum our our human experience, and only reaching out when we are secure, and strong enough to hold on. Know that the reason one serves is to feel good. It comes from a self centered drive. Where the core of one’s being is recognized and acknowledged. This is a self serving opportunity. By seeking confirmation that I will serve me first, and then seek to serve those I intend to help, I expand my capacity for service exponentially. This commitment enables me to pull back when I feel weak, renegotiate expectations when the ask becomes to much, and balance needs when a weight becomes to heavy. Compassion thrives when fed, seen, and heard. Compassion compounds when it comes from a secure and safe center. Compassion starts with self.


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