Updated: May 13

When it appears as if resources and rewards are scarce, we start to feel competitive. Perceived scarcity suggests there is a winner and loser. The options are binary. I will have, you will have not.

We react when we predict the have not to be our self.

Competition can be healthy. We can play, have fun, anticipate, apply effort, go further than we expect, and share joy despite the outcome. If you value doing your best over winning, you can relate.

If we start to get fearful about the outcome, then use that fear to push us beyond our limits, we find ourselves unable to share the experience because we've become isolated due to our perception of me vs you. This is when competition is unhealthy.

Truth be told, there is more than enough. And enough is a feast.

If you don't believe me, go to a shopping mall anywhere in this world.

When we consume, store, and take more than we need, we dip down into greediness. This is a fear-based decision. It is reactive. It is self-preserving. It is wasteful. And all of that demands extra energy.

In fact, being wasteful is perhaps the most draining expense of all. We each may have learned through traumatic experiences that we need to stockpile or safeguard our resources.

Understanding your need for security and what feels safe is a deep process. When you explore what security means to you, and then consciously create the structure to stabilize a foundation for growth, that is consciously planning.

When we react to changing, uncertain, even scary situations by hoarding materials and resources, we feed our fear. This creates more unbalance in our perceived world. The effect is contagious.

What if you could choose to create a world where everyone in your environment wins? What might you focus on? What would change in terms of your thoughts or feelings?

When we strive to create success for everyone, we all can win. This decision is contagious.


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