You may have noticed, for the last few years, I have had one header, one banner proudly flying and it reads, “the secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom is courage.” Freedom is my number one driver, but how do we achieve freedom in our daily lives? Courage. We need this fearless, careless, curious, I’ll-try-anything approach to carve out a space for us to run around in, but this sounds indulgent, crazy even. I had to fuck up a lot to learn, there are no mistakes. I had to take giant, soaring, blind leaps of faith to discover, I always land on my feet. I had to endure judgement, criticism, threats, even abuse to know I am strong enough to endure. Courage takes experience. You have to take one small scary step. It is going to be uncomfortable. It might even be painful. But once you survive that step, you’ll take another. The first objector is your own mind. Your brain will tell you all sorts of hilarious things that simply aren’t real, right now. It’ll pull up the past as evidence why you should NOT step forward now. It’ll use make-believe future imaginings to terrify you into compliance. It’ll say all the awful horrible things you need to hear to stay exactly where you are Courage is when you acknowledge those thoughts, but kindly thank them for trying, because you’re perfectly safe and willing to endure a little life to try something different. Then your people will scream. Your environment will reflect back an older version of you, and say you’re disappointing. Stay predictable. Stay stuck. Stay just like the rest of us. It will beg you. Courage is when you give your reflections and expectations a kiss on the cheek, invite them to come along, but remind them all, they may not hold you back because their fears are not yours, and you are on this journey for you. Courage is knowing who you are becoming, and that you are willing to do what it takes to create your desired reality.


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