Updated: May 13

If you've been paying attention, you know I work with creatives. But I like to clarify, "I work with people who identify as creatives."

Somewhere along the lines creativity became synonymous with art. Sure, artists are creatives, but a creative is not defined by a medium, they are characterized by a unique ability or approach to mundane activities. A house painter is a fairly utilitarian vocation until you add color, texture, and unexpected combinations or surfaces, or both. A plasterer is also a tradesperson until they take their work to undefined, 3-dimensional spaces. An accountant is assumed the opposite of creativity until you read the story they write with numbers. A researcher is just a data nerd until they paint a picture with patterns. Some of us are constantly pushing boundaries, testing new approaches, and willing to endure a few tense moments or outright failures, if it means discovering a new or improved way of doing things. The creative is one who throws themselves into learning, absorbing, and synergizing for the sole purpose of expansion. When we embrace the "what if’s ..." we actually open our minds to endless possibilities. Creatives tend to think about things a little differently, challenge the status quo, and ask a lot of questions.

When surrounded by people or structures who really wish they would just follow the rules, their creativity is smothered. We learn, the hard way, that creativity creates a challenge, and that is often not the most efficient or easy way. But the creative is committed to this challenge. Creativity is trust.

Creativity lacks judgment.

Creativity says, "let’s try it, for no other reason than, what if?"


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