Updated: May 13

I think the thing holding us back from our limitless potential is doubt. I’ve heard shame. And fear. Some suggest these are two sides of the same coin. It occurred to me, though, that one would likely push past both if there were a guarantee of success. I can’t think of something, beyond life-threatening activities or ridiculous and very public expressions of shame, that a guarantee of success would dissuade. Which means the one thing holding us back is doubt. The only reason you haven’t made that call, invested in the opportunity, got your ass out of bed at 5 am, committed to the program, the only reason is doubt.

Doubt you will be as successful as you need to be to make the “work” or the risk worthwhile. Ok, great, and then …? I am with you. If we could eliminate doubt, oh the places we could go and the people we could be. So, what? Doubt is fear and shame. Doubt is a distraction and perceptual. Doubt is only as real as we make it. And sure, if you haven’t been training for years, it’s doubtful you’ll make the Olympic team, so doubt is also statistically informed. Have you heard of the guy who had been training but then suffered a career-ending injury? Defeat. Until he found the easiest team to train for, handball (America isn’t a reckoning in this team sport). He spent 2 years training and made it! By narrowing the doubt to possible, he beat it. Doubt is a pattern of thinking. It is an excuse to not take action. Doubt distracts us. Doubt gives us reason to feed our fear and shame. Doubt says, go find evidence, defend your fear and shame. And thus, doubt can be shut down What if you could find the same evidence to disbelieve your doubt. What if you could find just as much evidence for your proven success (instead of your potential failure)? What if you could accept there are no guarantees, so if one is to attempt anything, the goal must be the attempt and not the result. Ask yourself, would you try if you didn’t doubt your success? Would you make that commitment, throw your hat in the ring, and get started, if you knew you’d get what you wanted?


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