The word alone sounds reckless. Dangerous. Stupid. Why would anyone want to be fearless?

How is fearless an admirable trait? Surely fearless leads to unintended consequences or unnecessary expense. What fearless means, to me, is that regardless of the consequence or expense, pain or gain, it matters not. It is all an experience. And the results are as necessary as the cause, I believe fearless is not without fear, but without being informed by fear.

One can be aware of the situation, think through the worst case scenarios, and plan the situation thoroughly, yet uncertainty exists. There are no guarantees. Anything can happen. Anytime. Things we can’t even imagine. Fearless is taking action despite the unknown. Fearless means exploring all the reasons not too, and with resolve and confidence, trying anyway. Fearless is accepting that whatever happens, whatever the consequences, you will absorb them like every other decision, action, and result prior. Fearless is the absence of judgement.

Fearless is unconditional love.

Fearless is allowing. How do we achieve fearlessness? Look back on your life.

You’ve done it all.

You’ve survived.

You are fearless.

At your core, you Know. When we are present, when we ask our selves right now, what do I need? If we use the information immediately available, not a story or a belief, we are being fearless. Fear is not real.

Fear is a story we’ve told ourselves about our past.

Fear is a nightmare we’re experiencing from our future.

Fear can only exist in a moment of pain, and by the time you engage cognitive response your physical and emotional body have already repsonded.



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