Focus may be the single most important factor for success in our lives. This means, lack of focus is likely the biggest contributor to discontent. You may have noticed I did not use the word failure. When focus is applied to failure, you’ll discover the best opportunities are unearthed when we focus in failure. But when we hold ourselves back from success, the feeling is acute discontent. Focus is pure presence. It is withdrawing ourselves from past experiences and future possibilities. It is distilling our experience into our immediate. Focus allows us to get lost in an activity. We wholly connect thoughts, emotions and physical activity. Some describe this as “flow state.” Even the most extreme amount of physical effort comes without force because we’re not “thinking about it.” We just are. So why do we continually distract ourselves? Focus sounds great! I don’t think it’s purposeful. I mean, I think if we had the *ahem* presence to ask ourselves, "how important is success in this activity? What would I be willing to do to ensure I am successful?" Focus would be the obvious answer. But when we take away the guarantee of success, and the focus to pause and ask, we immediately distract our selves with the fear of failure. When we distract ourselves its like we are secretly giving our selves permission to not succeed. It’s an easy way out. An excuse. And we stay exactly where we are, which we understand and know, and it is safe. Even if it’s awful and challenging, or toxic, at least we know it. So we keep distracting ourselves. Focus quietly, discreetly, demands we stop everything else. The application of focus itself is effortless. But the choice to create the space takes effort. We may need to turn off certain devices. Communicate to people. Even change or choose a different environment. The most challenging part is respecting our own boundaries. But once we do, we focus. And we guarantee success.


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