How I Enjoy The Holidays

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

How would you like to make today a day of actual gratitude. What would it feel like to truly look forward to a day of rest? Could it truly be an annual check point, to remind yourself how far you’ve come and how grateful you are?

I know! I can hear your, "But ...!" I get it. I, too, traveled half way across the country (aren’t airports fun this time of year), to celebrate my mother (who has Parkinson’s) 70th birthday AND Thanksgiving. We’re missing my brother, fresh out rehab who “couldn’t” make the trip (because he wasn’t able to stay sober). My other, (absolutely perfect) brother - the prodigal son- and his (equally adorable and perfect) girlfriend do join us, alongside my father, freshly scared shitless form a coronary episode (never has he needed a drink more, and he can't drink. ps. me too). No. things aren’t how anyone envisioned this day would be, but I am enjoying myself immensely.

We actively chose to enjoy ourselves today. We consciously left out the traditional home cooked meal and obligatory celebration for a incredibly small night out because it is what we needed to do to feel good. Sure, we could lament on how things “should” be different and focus on all the “I wish …” es. Yes, we pissed family off, incensed people with certain expectations, and broke a lot of rules. But I made this day what I want. Fun. Relaxing. And full of gratitude.

Make your precious days off, your full permission breaks, the only 8ish hours of no-work-emails, all about you. What is the worst thing that may happen? Seriously, brain storm, write it all out; every feeling you’ll hurt, every grudge you’ll build, every sideways comment and judgey text message. Include the invites you won’t get next year, the tears and cries directed at you, the "all your faults," even the physical reactions.

Then write out your dream scenario. What does your ideal holiday look like? How does it feel? What do you eat? When do you sleep? Do you watch football or binge on Netflix documentaries? What is your ultimate fantasy?

Now give yourself permission. Permission for the middle. Something in-between. But absolutely go for you. Make yourself happy! Even if you choose the hectic travel, the inappropriate dinner conversation, the hours of prep and clean-up, but choose it willingly. Knowingly. Momentarily. Embrace the experience.

You do you. And love every damn second of it.

I am so grateful for you. I hope you are too.

Remember, enough is a feast.

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