Inspired Problem Solving

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The business side of owning a business is quite often the pits. It’s a grind and not in a fun way like drinking a fancy latte at a hipster coffee shop where you feel just COOLER than most people because you own your own business and can work from wherever you want and you’re wearing a sweet hat and grinding out some work.

No. I don’t mean those days. I mean the days where the grind is literally the sound of nails on a chalkboard but instead of a chalkboard, it’s your abysmal sales or your employee turnover or something that broke that you didn’t budget for. You just feel beaten down, bottomed out, broken and uninspired.

We can all forget on days such as these that the frustrating activities that make our job feel like work could benefit from a spark of inspiration. However, by consistently seeking that spark out especially in situations where your work feels particularly difficult, you are going to approach every problem with a little bit of playfulness and curiosity.

This is true in all aspects of your business. In the strategy, in the sales, even in the day-to-day administrative work, there’s always an unexpected element of inspiration that could lead to the next big thing. Instead of dwelling on the problem, give yourself the space to find inspiration.

  • Take a walk.

  • Watch a ted talk.

  • Play with your kids.

Allow yourself the space to be inspired by stepping away from the problem and then coming back to approach the activities that seem to be holding your business back or making it unenjoyable.

In time, you’ll discover that when you're inspiration-oriented instead of just task-oriented, you’re going to connect and experience everything with more openness. You’ll view your business partnerships, your employees, your marketing, all aspects of your business with a different level of engagement instead of just approaching each like a task on a list that you need to get done. Leaning into that inspiration with everything we do will make your business more impactful and effective. Inspiration lets us lean into efficiency and status quo at the next level.

And that’s where that spark lights up your customers. When you explore inspiration from every perspective, you’ll also begin to be inspired by the customers that you’re trying to attract.

Being inspired by new buyers (with new problems) and then inspiring them will help you retain and grow your base further. You’ll consider a new product line, or a new geographic location or other exciting opportunities that perhaps you couldn’t see before.

Constantly seeking inspiration will help you discover so many more ways to find success instead of just zeroing in on one product, one offer, one task at a time.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Take 5 minutes and go play in that creative sandbox. You won’t regret it.

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