There’s been a few times in my life when I just knew. When I got sick. When my mom got sick. When someone thought they were sick, but I knew they would be fine. And when I knew he wouldn’t be. When my boss said No. When I pitched my first business plan. When I drove to Austin. When I decided on Colorado, both times. And there’s a few more instances. But those stand out. And it’s not a researched, logical, defendable knowing. It’s a feeling. Maybe it’s the absence of doubt, or fear, or questioning, more than anything else. But I bet you have felt that a few times as well. I think most of us have a few times, but few enough that we recognize, it'a rare sense. When things get crazy, when things get tough, when uncertainty takes over, we don’t know. We need more information. We need to experiment, try things out, and be willing to course correct if we’re headed down the wrong path. We don’t know. We’re confident we don’t know. Being open to this experience is where we grow, develop and expand in so may ways. Its uncomfortable and humbling. It’s likely not an experience we asked for, but we got it. We cry. And we learn to laugh. maybe though gritted teeth. Knowing is different. This is where we leap. This is when we evolve. Knowing is visceral, hard to explain, and immediately decided. People don’t really get it. Our friends and loved ones probably try to talk us out of this giant, extreme launch. But it’s too late. We know. It’s done.


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