Maximize Productivity (Gettin' Woo'y With It)

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Self-proclaimed tidying expert and NYT best seller, Marie Kondo has made her living off of teaching others how to find joy in the objects they own and removing the clutter from their lives.

The television show Hoarders which showcases people with irrational attachment to their possessions is now in it’s 10th season of running.

We live in a society that both glorifies consumerism while simultaneously condemning that same mentality when individuals can no longer figure out the basic difference between want and need. We laugh and judge and point fingers but it’s this same idea of overflowing inboxes, needless notifications and unnecessary never-ending meetings that gets us stuck with a to-do list full of tasks that we don’t really see the actual value in but yet we can’t bear to let go. This is an intervention, my friends. It's time to start sparking joy in your day to day, reset your mind and figure out what matters and what’s holding you back in your business.

So how does one start decluttering the slowly creeping hoarding habit that is their business’s to-do list? Similarly to reorganizing your closet, it’s about reframing how you organize the things within it. Break free from how things have to look. Take back your power! Powerlessness to your to-do list is a terrible place to action from. Remember that everything is a choice, and it’s your choice to make it a part of your day. There are have to’s, there are need to’s, there are want to’s and there are choose to’s. Where do all your items fall?

Start by taking a look at the "have to" and "need to" items. They are either a crucial part of your business or you need to cut them out. Is that daily call to touch base with your business partner impeding on your creative process? Remove it! Have to reconcile accounts? Keep it but reframe how you see it in your mind.

As you declutter, continue to ask yourself why you’re doing it. Instead of just invoicing, consider that you are billing your clients because they are the lifeblood of your business. You are so thankful for them! There is a lot of opportunity to reframe action items. Seeing the value and true purpose in a task will make it more enjoyable.

And remember, be gentle with yourself. There is always something to be learned even if it’s not immediately apparent. Maybe it’s letting something go or maybe it’s just delegating that task to someone who can do it better. We often allow ourselves to feel really guilty for not doing that thing we said we were going to do. Replace guilt with the question, what can be learned from not completing that task? Maybe you just need a new approach.

Breaking free from a place where you are truly misaligned with what you are doing will give you the headspace to see where there is an opportunity to learn something new, delegate a task or let the clutter go.

How are you sparking joy in your business’s to-do list?

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