I am learning that so many things I value and desire are the byproducts of discipline, perseverance, and compassion. Motivation is coveted. We know how it feels when we have that spark. And we know the struggle when we’re trying to force ourselves into action. And the results vary wildly between the two. How can we just be motivated, all of the time? Discipline is the understanding of our internal efficiencies and external processes. We generally know the tasks that increase our energy. Strategically engaging in these activities can create motivation However we need compassion, because it is when we are low that we're desperate for motivation, but we need to give ourselves attention and nurturing. When we give ourselves, or those around us, the understanding and trust that even though we feel low now, we deserve to recuperate, this is the fastest way to motivation. Perseverance gives us the wherewithal to put one foot in front of the other. Even if that’s one foot towards a nap. We don’t know when we will rediscover our motivation, or maybe even how, but by applying discipline and compassion, and admittedly a little trust, we will get there. And sometimes we need to rest and heal. Typically we need this most when we find ourselves forcing and fearfully pushing into action. This is where trust is crucial. When we can sense our need to pause and we allow ourselves that time, we exponentially increase our energy. Motivation can be created, because it is a byproduct. By engaging in energy expanding activities we motivate ourselves. These activities include seeking out compassion, being disciplined to know when we have satiated our needs, and disciplined to trust our perseverance in moving forward, we find ourselves in a state of connection, creativity, and aligned action.

Aka motivated.


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