Network? Write a book? Speaking engagements? Oh My!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

When you were a kid, dreaming big felt like such a pleasurable thing. You’re in the grass, it’s summer, you’re staring at these magnificent clouds and you’re just like, I want to be a professional ballerina AND an astronaut. A space ballerina!

And your parents are like, “Yes Ramone, and you’re going to do both those things. You’re the smartest, brightest best kid there ever was.” And then you grow up and realize that your dreams are incredibly daunting and overwhelming and feel like the clouds in the sky you once effortlessly reached for are now weighing like planets on your shoulders. Because owning your own business is hard, am I right? It’s no longer summertime and popsicles and big skies and bigger dreams. You not only have to run the dang thing, but you also have to find the time to promote it, sell it, and grow it? With what time? The weight of the world spins madly on.

Yes, owning, running and promoting your business successfully is challenging. But, like being the first man on the moon, or joining the Paris Opera Ballet, in order to achieve your goals, you just need defined goals and a plan to achieve them.

Let’s go back to 7-year-old Ramone and do a little dreaming for a moment.

What are the goals for your business? What is it that you’re trying to achieve? Make an annual picture of what you’d like to do over the next 12-18 months. Perhaps it’s writing a book, or speaking publicly on your business’s behalf. Whatever it is, make it your own.

Use previous successes and enjoyment to determine these goals. What has worked for you in the past? Build on that. Writing a book or public speaking isn't a magic success wand. Doubling down on how you've built sales and what you LOVE to do to grow your business isn't magic, it's a tested and proven theory. I'm all about magic, but I also love FACTS. Listen to your heart and your excitement and use your intuition to point you in the direction of your #1 goal: establish, growing or sustaining your business.

Of the goals that you wrote down, which excite you? Which bum you out? It’s here that you really establish how you define your personal metric for success. Don’t force yourself to write a book if that’s not what gets you excited about promoting your business. There are many tools and opportunities to reach your #1 goal above. Your goals should make you feel excited, and if they don’t, keep feeling out possibilities for other options.

Once you figure HOW you’re going to promote yourself, lean into that passion and determine who you’re going to reach and why. Figure out who your audience is and where you can find these people who will actually invest in your business. I use audiences because these are people who are curious, who are watching, and who you can turn into your #1 fan!

Think customers, shoppers, clients, and anyone who gives you money in exchange for what you offer them. What problems are they dealing with and how can you and your business solve them? Giving value and solving problems, will give you the personal fire to keep going, and the inspiration to keep connecting. Set small due dates for yourself. Make it bite-sized and actionable. Channel your inner child and reach for those stars.

Maybe those dreams aren’t so impossible after all.


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