New Year, New Perspective: Boost your Business in 2020 with my January Email Challenge

Next year, I’m going to get out of debt.

Next year, I’m going to finally join a gym.

Next year, I’m going to start traveling.

Next year, I’m going to take control of my business.

It’s around this time of year, that many of us make promises to our future selves about who we’re going to be and what we’re going to accomplish the following year. You begin the bargaining game that starts with ‘Next year’ and ends with a goal you have every intention of completing but historically has ended in failure.

Sound familiar? *Everyone raises hands*

One of the major reasons new year's resolutions fail is because they are too far of a stretch from what you’re already doing in your life. There’s no plan. There’s no timeline. They typically come from a place of vague unwinnable restriction as opposed to self-actualized power and tiny attainable actions.

Great news though! This is actually a wonderful opportunity to (wait for it) CHANGE YOUR MIND about the way you’ve been approaching your new year goals for your business and your life. Instead of making lofty promises to your future self, I invite you to join me in committing today to my month-long business booster (aka my New Year’s Resolution Challenge). Starting January 1, I will walk you through FREE daily small exercises that will transform your approach to everything you do in your business and also how you spend your time, money and energy when you aren’t working.

PS. If you hate daily emails, I’ll also do a weekly digest you can binge on before watching The Crown (oh wait, maybe that’s just me?)

Beyond being FREE, you’ll receive a systematic, easy, actionable (dare I say fun?) approach to actually achieving those business and life goals in 2020 including:

A daily, 2-minute video that you can engage with at your leisure with a small task to complete to work toward your unique goals

Free tips, patterns, perspective shifts, and tangible tools to approaching some of life’s toughest subjects like money, time management, developing high-energy relationships and becoming a leader

A special offer JUST FOR YOU for completing the challenge and taking the first step toward taking ownership of your business and your life

Curious? Intrigued? Motivated? Inspired? You should be, boss. It’s time to stop playing the bargaining game with yourself and put down the ‘there’s always tomorrow’ philosophy. You’re going to change today. You’re going to be successful in every component of your life and your business today. And you’re going to start with signing up HERE to join my New Year’s Business Resolution Challenge.


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