Updated: May 13

I have yet to meet the person who says, “I am so patient.”

We hear, "patience is a virtue," but have you ever met anyone who loves waiting around and just, allowing things to happen?

Me neither.

What I will say is that when I do create a plan, or design a goal, I commit to a set of actions. I use metrics to guide me on my path, and then, I can let go of the outcome.

When I do remove my self-worth or definition of success from this singular, finite execution of desire, I do enjoy the process.

Enjoy the process. That is the true meaning of patience.

A friend bemoaned her recent jobless. She said she would have to let her annual income goal go. Without her exact plan in place, she felt as if she had to abandon all hope of achieving her income goal.

What if we could commit to the goal, but let go of the how?

What if we could enjoy the tumultuous, uncertain, start, and stop and start again the process of figuring out "the how"? What if my friend can remain committed to the goal, and simply let go of her initial plan?

What if we could trust ourselves enough to know that if we don’t give up on the goal, it’s just a matter of “if at first, you don't succeed, try try again.” The only thing keeping us from achieving whatever it is we want is ourselves.

This is how we find patience.

We allow ourselves the grace to try try again. We give ourselves the same space and compassion we would a small child learning their first steps. We would expect to fall down. To bruise. Perhaps blood would be involved. But we would get back up.

And eventually, we will celebrate our success with so much for confidence and joy than had we simply completed the goal with speed and ease.


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