Updated: May 13

I have to admit, I am not all too familiar with this word. And more secrets, I first truly considered this word after pulling this card in a tarot deck. Don't judge!

Temperance is one of the “major arcanas” in tarot, meaning it is a life lesson, an archetypal role, and theme to be explored.

Turns out Temperance is also one of the tenements of positive psychology, the psychology of “the good life.” After studying humans, culture, and ya know, science, it was determined that if one embodied temperance, one was likely to be “happy.” How odd I never really thought about temperance.? More strange is that of the other virtues, or strengths researchers have lumped into the “positive psychology” movement, temperance could be one of my top values, #5 even! Moderation is an element of temperance, and I’ll confide even deeper, I have always struggled with moderation. I love extremes. I’ve mastered all or nothing. Whether it’s fasting or a good ol’ fashion night out, I tend to be the last one standing. The last few years, I’ve realized that "all or nothing" is easy, moderation is where the courageous truly congregate. Forgiveness falls under temperance, and although I tend to be quick to forgive others, my goodness can I hold myself unfairly accountable and punish myself dearly. Growing awareness around this tendency allowed me to ‘pattern interrupt,” and with that practice, destructive patterns dissolved. I think the understanding of “one who knows them self,” is the foundation for temperance, and this understanding sets one free. Let temperance be your compass, your guide post for "keep going" or "turn back and try again."

Now, I set my intention before engaging, and yes! that can absolutely mean taking an activity to an extreme. When planned this is a delightful test of endurance and aptitude. For the most part, some where in the middle takes perseverance, courage, creativity and patience.


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