Have you ever thought about the decisions you make in your day to day life? I know you’ve ruminated, spent hours contemplated, and mindlessly engaged in 1,000s of decisions everyday. We are experts at making low impact and quick decisions - like brushing your teeth, or which socks to wear. We also get really good at um’ing and aw’ing about the incredibly impactful decisions, so good, some of us never make the decisions at all - like, leave the job, move cities, or end that relationship. The magic begins when you can make the big decisions as quickly as you make the small ones. But … but … but you say, yes I can hear your objections, your reasons for playing safe, and you’re totally right. Now look back, and think about every decision, even the most regrettable ones. You’ve made them all work. Even the awful things you would never repeat or wish on your worst enemy, you still endured and, quite possibly, even turned that experience into growth, if not success. What if you could trust that you will always make it work. There are no mistakes, only opportunities. What if even the biggest most important decisions feel inconsequential on the other side, and if they start to feel like a mistake, you quickly course correct and find an even better way? Values enable you to make these powerful decisions. We all have values. Things that are important to us, so important in fact, they’re deal breakers. As in, that is an obvious no - despite how great the opportunity may sound, because it doesn’t honor my values. Or, that is a clear yes - despite how crazy that choice may appear, all of my values are clearly in tact. Values are concepts like integrity, freedom, happiness, health, family, loyalty, even fun. When you start allowing your values to filter your decisions, your life falls perfectly into place. And your values will evolve as you do, honor that. Family evolves. Health evolves. Fun evolves. Allow yourself the continual evolutionary process of asking, what is most important to me? How can I create a life that honors and fulfills my values? Values determine our ultimate fulfillment.


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