Updated: May 13

Vision is not just for your eyes. It is also not just for Elon Musk. Vision is how you create your life. In a previous blog, I talked about energy. Energy is how we fuel ourselves. Thoughts and feelings are energy. Thus thoughts and feelings that feel good, give us more energy.

Vision is like the best hamburger of thoughts ever, or the Dom Perignon of feeling (ok, that's a beverage, but it's deliciously good). Vision is like your favorite song coming on the radio when your car is running on empty, and you swear it gets you to that gas station just in time. When we practice “visioning,” we are letting our imaginations redesign our reality. We literally see what isn’t there … yet. Your name doesn’t have to be Steve or Oprah to play along. That morning routine you knew could be a little smoother, that "yes" you said, even though you didn’t know exactly how you were going to do it, that person you discovered without knowing that support was there ... that all took vision. Sometimes vision shows up a little uncomfortable.

We experience it as envy or jealousy because we suddenly see something we don’t have! That instant expansion feels like a growing pain. We’re like a kid at the park that only wants to play on the seesaw when other children are on it. We didn’t even know until we saw it, and now it’s all we could ever want. It kinda stings, until we realize, now we have vision.

We can create whatever we desire.

But first, it starts with recognizing the gap in expectation. Reality and possibility. Current and potential. Vision bridges the gap.


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