People have always told me I was smart. Mind you, I never got good grades. I didn’t go to good schools. I never won awards. I don’t actually know why they said this, and although I have some theories, I still don’t get it. So, why do people tell me I am smart? I work my ass off. I am precocious AF. I am curious. I am an investigator. But the number one reason people think I am smart is because I am confident. I spew shit like I wrote it. I don’t care if I am wrong. I acknowledge “I am making this up,” when I realize I am! I would implore you to correct me, send me the data, and teach me something I didn't already know about the world. Wisdom is so much more than smart. And smart is useless without wisdom. Smart has no context. Smart is relative. Smart is about as useful as foliage or dressing, especially now that we can just google it. Wisdom mashes up experience, intuition, relationships, environment, desire, creativity, even environment, when conceptualizing and discussing. Wisdom can not be taught, only gained. Wisdom can not be rushed, only developed. Wisdom is available to all. I would argue we become wise when we choose to be. Learning to trust your experience, emotions, and sense of knowing, informs your wisdom. A lifetime of ideas, with thorough maturation, suddenly bubbles over into your current experience, yielding wisdom. Your reactions are slow and deliberate, because you see the forest and the trees. You’ve actually explored the forest, touched the trees, even gathered fallen leaves. You can describe the detail or take in the grandeur of the whole. Wisdom is summed up when we say, with full confidence and satisfaction, “I know that I know nothing.” And we seek to know more.


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