Ignite your flame.

The Strategy Session

Remember when you first started? That moment when a fire sparked inside you, when you suddenly had this idea you couldn’t ignore? Chances are, you’ve put in a lot of work since you first started — so much that now you’re burning out. With your fire waning, you’re starting to wonder if you made a mistake, or maybe you’re lost on what to do next.


I’m here to help you stoke those fading embers. You’ll share with me who you are and what your business is about, and I’ll share with you my take on your situation. That might include working with me, or it might not. Either way, join me for a no-gimmicks, no-strings-attached, no-risk conversation where you spill everything in your brain so we can figure out a way to reignite your fire.


What to expect: A one-hour conversation where we get to know each other, determine if we’re a right fit, and identify your business’s strengths and struggles.

Success Stories

4 Sessions In ...

A Former Partner

This Sums It Up

Did I use the same formula for these success stories? Nope.


I collaborate with each Coaching Partner and customize programs that addressed your unique challenges, strengths, and blindspots.

2 Sessions In ...

Because of our work together, one of my creatives had a record-breaking first quarter. She made more money that quarter than she had across the five prior first quarters, combined.

4 Sessions In ...

While I helped a creative rebrand her business and open a new storefront, she was elected president of her industry association and forecasted enough earnings to leave her full-time job. 

Halfway Through

A creative emailed me to tell me she had escaped to the writers' retreat she'd always dreamed of attending because her business could finally run itself.

A Former Partner

"Working with you at the beginning of 2018 was the most defining moment of my year. I got control of my debt, & changed the trajectory of my business.  All of this felt impossible in January. One year later & every part of my life has improved."

"Coaching is so powerful, I'm a big believer now. Just by thinking about things differently, my mind gets unstuck and has those ah'ha moment. I love it. I am so glad I get to work with you."

A Former Partner

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