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Fuel Your Fire

You built your business and now you’re asking, “What the hell did I do?” It’s everything you envisioned, but you can’t even remember why you started because you’re so burned out.


I’m here to help you reignite the spark that got you here, and then keep that fire burning. With my help, we will play to your strengths, build a support network, and maximize your opportunities.

Nicole BZ,

Business Expert & Success Strategist

(advisor, partner, fire starter) 

I’ve launched more than 36 businesses, managed a well-known band, owned a record label in Australia, and Directed Non-Profits.


These experiences make me good at understanding both sides of business: the passion driving the ideas and the practices driving the bottom line.


Mastering both is imperative to your business’ success. 

Tell me what’s on your mind and I’ll make a  recommendation. Maybe we'll partner up, maybe not, but you'll get a clear sense of what's next for you and your business. 
Either way, give me an hour and I’ll set you on your way, with no strings attached.

We’ll spend two to three months setting targets and planning road maps while removing distractions.

Together, we’ll design a future that allows you the freedom to fuel your strengths, understand your burnout, and flame those leadership embers  so you can keep your fire burning for years to come.